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We are going to shortly put up our perspective, tips, and thoughts on the travel world in this space – the Travel Co. Blog.

Let me know what’s of interest, what you would like to know, where you want to go, and anything else I can help with! What do you think of these?
Which ones apply to you? 

  • I am short of time
  • What do I do in the Pacific Islands like Fiji, Rarotonga, Samoa, Vanuatu or Niue
  • What do the Australian cities offer 
  • I have been to Rarotonga, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu – what else is there 
  • How do I get the most from my airfare
  • I have an interest in Whisky, Wine, Craft Beer
  • Can you beat the internet (you are looking at it now!)
  • What are some ideas for kids
  •  I want something different
  • Why is Vietnam so hot, and an ‘it’ destination now
  • I’ve been to Singapore and Hong Kong, what do the other Asian cities offer – what else is there
  • How can I budget all costs
  • What can I do with my… extended family, parents, friends for a holiday, big birthday, celebration
  • I need to rest, invigorate, leave my comfort zone, explore something new, show my kids a new culture, learn something
  • I like food
  • What’s value for money luxury
  • I am a single traveller
  • I’m inexperienced at airports for transit
  • I want to create memories – iconic hotels, boutique stays, curated events
  • I like sports events – Bathurst, Melbourne Cup, Wimbledon
  • What can I spoil my Husband, Wife, Partner or Kids with
  • What is something different in Europe
  • Where do I start for a bit of adventure – South America, India, Africa
  • I want to get the most out of my cruise

 Send any ideas, thoughts or questions here –

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